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kindly make sure you have the departure clearance from the last marina, before arriving to Syria . And stick the navigation corridor while entering Syrian water (90) degree, besides, call on Chanal 16 " Lattakia radio" and “harbor master” and “Syrian yacht club” 12 miles then 6 miles before arriving. They should reply your call to receive you.
Coordinates: N 35 32 29.74 E 35 45 45.93

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For winter (Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan and Feb) 20% discount for a/m prices...

Receives The Eastern Mediterranean ...
Syrian yacht club

Receives The Eastern...

The cradle of civilization.

Archaeologists believe that under each rock in Syria; one can find part of the history.
Syria is the land of Cham (the second son of Noah  according
to the Bible) of whom the Canaanitis were descended.
Opened in 2000 as the first marina in Syria. It has berthing capacity for 50 yachts on ...

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